UI/UX Design

Alfred - Property Management Mobile App

Alfred Prop help connect property managers with their homeowners during the vacant possession period. It is an application that replaces the troublesome of searching the manager for 24 hours. It essentially provided the same capabilities as the management office.

Project Overview

This project focuses on designing a mobile app that empowers residents to seamlessly manage property needs directly from their phones, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the management office.


design process

Discover and research

Given that the application will be applied to existing tenant users in a building, it allows me a great opportunity to do physical research based on two criteria.

  1. Existing mental models focusing habits, attitudes, and preferences that lead to user surveys and then user tests.
  2. Crowdsourcing where I had requested assist participations from the community and later gather a list of their problems.

Identified Problems;

  1. Languages. 65% of building residents struggle to understand fully and converse in English. By having only English on the application, tenants are feeling more comfortable to opt to call the management personally through phone instead of using the application.
  2. As a result of being unable to describe the specific details of the problem and the assistance required, the schedule for resolving the issue was lengthened.
  3. When the management team must contact multiple resources individually to complete all tasks, they experience a recurrent increase in workload.

personas and empathy map

 As a result of analysing the provided data and research conducted, I created personas to better understand our target users process and needs.

Journey Mapping

Priority task of the project is the application’s user journey refinement. I had determined the flow based on the data collected. As part of the process, I had gone through the sorting card process to facilitate the journey’s adjustments, additions, and removals.

case study : Psychology of colours

Light Up the User Journey With Colours

When the brand first launched, black was their primary colour, but as the layout grew more complex, the brand’s identity became static and harder to differentiate. Users frequently become confused and lost assessing the feature. The colour black may be a bit monotonous and uninteresting due to the fact that our eyes and brain are more sensitive to colour.

I designed an active candy-shade colour palette that may be used to enhance the application’s features. Users with particular needs may also benefit from the contrast between the elements. 

Using more than three colours in a layout may risk complicate the entire design. Therefore, it is important that elements only apply to specific pages and serve their intended purpose.

case study : report a defect

explain better with image

In Malaysia, there are people from a variety of backgrounds, and we all speak different native tongues. There is no certainty that all of us, including international tenants, can fully comprehend the English language. Getting the problem identified by the management team and the residents is the challenge here. 

The management team’s time and effort would be wasted if they sent in the wrong technical team without first correctly identifying the problem.

the design solution

Visual information is the most easily understood and processed by humans. Indeed, the human brain is 60,000 times more capable of processing visual information than text. As a supporting aspect for this functionality, I had provided a way for utilising a condominium where each unit has a floor-plan that is at least 80% similar. 

I divided the floor plan into sections according to the kind of services for which the management team is responsible. The user can drag the pointer to the location where they need assistance, and by combining this information with the written explanation provided on the form, the management team will be able to bring in the right team to fix their problem.

Lo-fidelity prototype

Touch the display on the mobile device’s frame to begin experiencing the prototype.