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Life Coach Landing Page Webinar Funnel Strategy

In 2022, I had the opportunity to work with this remarkable woman in order to gain a deeper understanding of myself and to assist her in building her brand. I was responsible for both the website development and the funnel strategy. Since her webinar was accessible to online audience consisting primarily of women, we had the opportunity to conduct primary research in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

Research and discovery

This webinar is designed to help women feel empowered again in 12 weeks. I conducted online one-on-one sessions with women based in the United States in order to empathize. The interview consisted of 10 women answering “what if” and “if I could” for 15 minutes each to gain insight into their experiences and expectations.

The research reflects the struggles of women in various industries and the fact that the social phenomenon has impacted them mentally and physically. There are a variety of challenges that women face in their family and professional lives; therefore, the most important asset to acquire is the correct mindset. I realised that our daily behaviour and emotions are determined by our mind.

design solution

Feelings have no shape. The landing page would perform as a bridge to resonate with our target audience. I incorporated three elements that influence a person’s emotions and portray a relaxing environment when the user reaches the page. It is as below;

To help us visualise how our audience may interact with our page, I proposed a strategy funnel map to help us achieve alignment and focus on our objective.

lo-fidelity Wireframe

Voice Communication Creates Stronger Bond Than Text – Elizabeth Millard

I developed a low-fidelity wireframe to examine the potential content flow on the page. The page was intended to include more video content because speaking to a person can attract more attention than having our audience read the article themselves. When a person is mentally stressed or exhausted, our voice may resonate more powerfully.


Jennifer decides the color palette based on the energy reading and the characteristics she would like to reflect her target audience. By using the environment we created for them, when they visited the website, they can quickly sink into the mood. The concept design of the brand may differ from other corporate logos. Our goal was to bring out the feelings and emotions that reflect Jeniffer’s passions with rays, hearts, and nature. 

Typeface – Great vibes (Primary)

I see you, I get you
I’ve been you!

Typeface – Lato (Secondary)

Freedom To Shine