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Creative Designer | Entrepreneur | Cancer Survivor
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Hello & Welcome

A very good day to you!

Getting to know about me would be rather difficult because I’m spontaneous and always curious. The good thing about me that I am always focusing on my own core and enjoy the fullest in my life. Everyone starts a blog for a good reason and so do I.

As a cancer survivor, it is predictable that life is not going to be the same.  We changed mentally and physically. That is bazaar! Because I can not really handle these easily. Early morning on Sunday, I need a place for my heart and soul and a decision of creating a blog has just made. 

On this blog site, I do not really have anything specific to share but a place for me to record the journey of myself improving each day. If you happened to pass by and read some of the articles, I hope you enjoyed the content. If you don’t, you may search for other content on the internet that light up your day.

We all understand that everyone has their own perspective and opinion about everything and I am not here to judge and neither do I expect to be changed; unless I hurt someone or anything terrible you’re welcome to leave me a message.

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