UI/UX Design

Rafiki The Maker

Rafiki The Maker is a powerful services platform provided by MVP Smartlife. This product enables sales professionals to track and manage their personal network contacts. It also served as a conduit between the audience and brands that offer a variety of options. 

My Role

I was recruited to join their company in November 2021 as the UX Lead Designer. I am responsible for assisting all teams in resolving the critical issue preventing the launch of their product. As a new member of the team, I recognised their difficulty in communicating through a common understanding. 

working process

  1. Define
    As a part of the team, I do not only solve the design-related challenge on my own. I have prioritised getting everyone aligned on the core and interacting productively. 
  2.  Analyze
    This project’s breakthrough is a refreshing experience of being able to express one’s genuine opinion. I was determined to find the answer, so I spent three days speaking with every department to gain insight into their challenges and concerns.
  3. Execute
    In a brief period of time, I had organised and presided over three meetings with only the department heads. Because it brought everyone’s thoughts together, the outcome was quite positive.
  4. Continue
    The ability to carry out the vision of stakeholders and to guide everyone toward seeing the same picture is the fundamental key to getting the whole project off the ground.

design process

It would be hard to establish a single process that applies to all situations.I am a firm believer that the strategy should be adaptable based on the circumstances, and that our brain should constantly be capable of reacting flexibly to it.

The project required numerous sorts of functionality, which have been implemented everywhere. The most important treatment in this case was an addition of Breakdown. Consequently, everyone was able to clarify the priorities and return to the product development process.

In this project I had applied Scamper Techniques in resolving most of the experience. Since the platform is a combination of 3 major tools that are already available on the market but connecting to each other differently, making use of the already existing data would be a great way to get things rolling.